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As talk continues to swirl regarding the Sacramento Kings’ possible relocation Anaheim, NBA commissioner David Stern and the relocation committee have extended the deadline to May 2, giving the city of Sacramento a few more weeks to make a very strong stand or say goodbye to their only major sports team.

The major reason for the deadline extension is Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson’s claims concerning the adequate financial support for a new arena, as the condition of the ARCO Arena is certainly in questionable condition.  While Stern openly conveyed his strong skepticism, he still extended the deadline.  An arena feasibility study is being conducted and will play a major role in the May 2nd decision.

No one wants to see a city let down by the departure of its basketball team, except maybe the city that will be now welcoming it.  But one can’t help but wonder where these fans will come from.  Between veteran Kobe Bryant and rookie Blake Griffin, Los Angeles certainly has its fair share of basketball stars—and Sacramento’s best hope may be that there just aren’t enough fans to  go around in LA.

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The Los Angeles Dodgers have seen their fair share of controversy in recent years—from ‘Manny being Manny’ to this year’s opening-day disaster in which a San Francisco Giants fan was attacked in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium.  Now, it seems the Dodgers are not only suffering publicly, but are also experiencing inter-operational turmoil in their finances and operations, and Frank McCourt, eight year owner of the Dodgers, will be the one to answer for it.

Bud Selif, commissioner of Major League Baseball, released a statement today announcing that the management and financial operations of the LA Dodgers will be taken over on a day-to-day basis by the MLB itself.  Controversy has bubbled in the Dodgers’ organization since McCourt took out a $30 million loan to make payroll last season.  Fortunately for the fans, Selig is committed to fixing whatever problems there may or may not be:

“The Dodgers have been one of the most prestigious franchises in all of sports, and we owe it to their legion of loyal fans to ensure that this club is being operated properly now and will be guided appropriately in the future.”

While Dodgers fans may not see any turnaround in their team’s under .500 record, they may still have reason to be thankful if the MLB can really avert poor financial and operational management in the organization.

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As negotiations between players and management continue to stall in the NFL lockout, some aspects of the turmoil have proven to display some of the more good-natured aspects of a few of the NFL players.  Since the beginning of the lockout, the National Football League Player Association has been raising money to sustain its players while negotiations remain at a standstill. Depending on the length of time players have been on rosters and other variables, players have received up to $60,000.  Many players have a legitimate need for this compensation in the interim, as they are not currently receiving their typical salaries. 
For some, the money raised by the NFL PA has simply provided an opportunity for players to do the right thing.  Dallas Cowboy linebacker DeMarcus Ware has decided to decline receiving his $60,000 share and has instead given the money back to the Players Association to support some of the players that have a greater need. Ware feels that his gesture is important to ht chemistry and relationships among the players:
“I gave my money back to help out other guys that don’t have as much money.
That is going to help out and bring us closer together.” 
 And it can hardly be argued that now more than ever, players will need to stick together as negotiations continue to remain at a gridlock for the NFL.  Just like any other large corporation, the NFL is dealing with the complexities that come with big business and bigger players– players who have responded in ways we may or may not have predicted.
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Due to the financial turmoil that has plagued Wall Street and average Americans since 2008, we have become all too familiar with the downsides of the business world.  In an effort to reinvigorate the intrigue and positivity surrounding business, I hope to remind my readers that the business world hasn’t fallen completely to pieces.  In fact, it has managed to sustain the foundations of some of America’s finest past times– namely, the sports and entertainment industry.  I hope to keep my readers up to date on the latest encouraging (and discouraging) business and financial news in the sports world and provide a reminder of the pervasiveness of business in all aspects of our society!

Happy reading, sports fans!